Last night I read a review of Cheryl Strayed’s new book Tiny Beautiful Things in Entertainment Weekly.

I’ve been wanting to read Strayed’s other book that came out this year (that’s right, two books in one year), Wild, the best-selling, critically adored, Oprah-excerpted memoir about an 1100-mile hike she took by herself, so I read the review with great interest.

Sure I was impressed that she had published two books in one year—who is this chick?—and both of them are supposed to be great, but what really got me was the subtitle: Advice on Life and Love from Dear Sugar.

Oh my God, I thought, Cheryl Strayed is Sugar!

For those of you who don’t know Sugar, she is the once-anonymous advice columnist for The Rumpus.

I’m not a regular reader. In fact, I’ve only read one of her columns. My friend Holly sent it to me when we lost Nina. Holly has had several miscarriages herself and she read the column and thought I’d appreciate it.

A couple weeks ago I got a facebook message from Holly and clicked on the link to respond. For some reason I landed back a ways in our “conversation,” back to a couple of years ago, actually, but I didn’t realize it, so when I read the message, “Have you seen this?” I thought she was sending me something to read now, clicked on the attached link and read it again.

It was this response to a Dear Sugar letter.

It made me weep the first time, it made me weep the second. It is definitely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read by an advice columnist—okay, Dan Savage used to rock my world on a regular basis, too—and one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read, period.

Knowing that Cheryl Strayed is Sugar makes me even more eager to read her books—both of them, pronto.