I noticed last week that someone out in the world had read my post about Gray’s Anatomy and the famous octuplets that I wrote years ago when Aidan was a baby and we were still living in Venice. In my humble opinion, it was a pretty interesting post…and nobody read it! Except apparently that one person who discovered it last week. Apparently they had googled octuplets and somehow were led right here, to me.

I thought that was cool and I must say I wish more people read the interesting things I have to say. But I don’t know how to make them come.

Any tips?

Lately a writer I know has been posting links to her excellent mom blog on facebook and I’ve been checking them out for the first time in a while. This girl is definitely smart and entertaining, but lately her posts are less the long, funny-poignant essays she used to write and I’d occasionally link to here and more snippets about mommy life plus many arty pictures of her four adorable kids.

Yes, that’s right, she has four of them.

Her whole deal was that she got accidentally pregnant when she was 21 or something and she and her boyfriend of like three months decided to stay together and make the most of it, and she started blogging about how insane it was to go from wild-child L.A. hipster to mom overnight. And the thing caught on like wildfire.

I mean, her blog’s got ads, sponsors, video clips, thousands of followers. She has guest blogs on every site possible and does video segments hawking Hallmark cards and shit. Eventually she and her beau got married and when I met her she was pregnant with her second kid. Then she got knocked up with twins! (Oh Lord, I can’t even decide if I can handle a second.)

Anyway, I like this blog, but I can’t say I understand why her hordes of followers check in to see what’s going on with her everyday. They really care! They post comments by the bucket-load about the house she just bought, the nasty looks she gets for having four kids. And I just wonder why. Is it the soap opera phenomenon, where you get hooked on these characters and just have to know what happens next?

Okay, I’m a little bit jealous. There, I said it. Now I’ll move on.