Since 2012 began, I have written nothing but email, status updates and New Years resolutions.


It’s especially funny because, like those of every other writer on the planet, my resolutions included a vow to write everyday.

I have a decent excuse. Saturday night I got back to Cambridge after a month in L.A. I’m jet-lagged and fighting a cold. I spent a month socializing with the friends I miss there and playing with my kid. I was on vacation and writing did not fit into my agenda. We also spent four days with Harlan’s parents in Seattle and Harlan and I left Aidan for the first time ever with my parents so we could go to Vegas to see the amazing Cirque de Soleil show, Love, make a few bucks on roulette and blackjack and get hoodwinked into attending a time-share sales event.

(I already sacrificed my Vegas poolside lounge-time for being dumb enough to fall for those hucksters’ antics and don’t need any additional ridicule! What I don’t get is how everyone I told this story to immediately guessed the conclusion, while I honestly believed someone was just offering me free gambling money and gift cards!)


For me, 2012 started yesterday, on January 17, and I celebrated the first day of my own personal new year by dipping my toe back into my routine. I dropped Aidan off at preschool, battled the elliptical at the gym, and shopped for groceries, all with a cool but bright sun overhead and a muck of slushy, rapidly-melting snow underfoot.

And I purposely left myself an hour before preschool pick-up to plant myself at a coffee shop and write. It was just journal stuff, mainly about what I should be writing, but considering it was the first thing I’d written in a month and a half that didn’t have a photo of Aidan frolicking in the frigid Southern California surf attached, it felt good.

And today, by posting this online, I make it official.

I’m writing again! Writing everyday. I joined a new writing group that starts Thursday. I’m trying to figure out if I should plow forward with my memoir even though my agent is unsure of its viability or delve back into chick lit. Or articles about movies. Or a children’s book. Or maybe I’ll just mommy blog a lot.

It doesn’t matter really. I’m just happy to be back, refreshed, relaxed and back. And, strangely and uncharacteristically, I am feeling completely unstressed about it. Maybe because my husband keeps pushing this miracle herbal remedy on me called ashwagandha. Or maybe because one of my other resolutions involved meditation. But I haven’t yet found the time for that one. Maybe 2012 is just going to be the year of a calmer version of me.

Highlights from our trip: Me by the Mirage pool in Las Vegas

My boys on a hike in the Pacific Palisades (that's my dad on the left)

This is how we spent most of our days.

A slice of paradise