Today I had my 9am spin class, or “RIDE,” as they call it at my gym.

The teacher, Jon M, beloved ass-kicker of many, is very proud of his extensive music collection, and he should be. It’s vast, eclectic and pumping.

I started cracking up and enjoying myself at a whole new level about half way through when he put on a Miley Cyrus song—that’s right, Miley Cyrus. He was playing her music with some ironic intent and joked around that we were all going to get the song stuck in our heads and told us he had it stuck in his head because he’d been hanging out with his buddy with three daughters last weekend.

I started cracking up because I remembered a moment with Aidan the other day. We were driving home from preschool and this song I dig came on Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine.

I blasted it and said, “I love this song!”

Aidan goes, “Is this John Lennon?”

So friggin’ cute. The kid knows I love John Lennon!

Anyway, in class, Jon got us seriously working our butts to Miley Cyrus. For the entire class, we were doing four minute intervals at a 6 out of 10 intensity and alternating those with intervals at a 4. It was tough and I was seriously slippery.

Jon got into the idea of kid music and at one point took it a step too far with Rubber Ducky, the old Ernie version. It was almost the end of class and a couple people started wiping off their bikes.

“Rubber Ducky clears the room,” he said.

The music does have an effect on us. I think it’s half the reason that Jon’s such a great teacher. While we were still listening to Miley, he announced that he was looking for the perfect next song and it was going to be another artist from the “M” family.

He searched through his iTunes for a minute and turned a mischievous grin toward us.

“Miley, meet Metallica.”

Oh yeah.