My dear friend Caitlin has a book coming out in March and I am incredibly excited.

In fact, I should be receiving such masterwork any day now, because I’m one of the lucky few who gets to receive an advanced copy!

I’m not just psyched because my friend is gearing up to have her day in the spotlight. I honestly can’t wait to read this book. Because Caitlin is one of the most beautiful writers I have the privilege to know. She writes a blog called Passage West that I love. It’s about how she and her husband Dan moved to California a few years back. (That’s where we met. Cait was pregnant and living a few blocks from me in Venice and I’d just had Aidan and we were both writers who’d lived in New York and she was having such a hard pregnancy, so I took her under my wing.)

They had moved out there all bright eyed and full of big dreams. And then the economy tanked and their dreams were dashed. They found themselves with a newborn and no work and no money and eventually had to haul their asses—and their stuff—back to Maine to move back in with her mother. It felt like total failure. And the way Caitlin writes about it is a little slice of pure beauty. She has a way with words and a way of tying the personal to the social to the cosmic that I can only dream of.

In anticipation of the publication date, she had an excerpt published in the New York Times “Lives” column. A great story about this crazy lady who lived upstairs from Cait and Dan when I first met them. So, you can check that out right now! But I know the real story and there are way more juicy details than they were able to fit here…so y’all are just gonna have to read the book!

I can’t wait.