I went to spinning class today, which I hate, but they say it’s good exercise and the teacher is this young, super-positive guy who plays great music, and I figure if anyone’s gonna kick my resistant ass into shape, he’s the man.

So, today he was all about gratitude, it being the day before Thanksgiving and all, and I was into it. Lately I’ve been sending these gratitude emails to Harlan, listing ten things I’m thankful for. My friend Maili suggested it in a blog post of her own and I thought it was a tool I could use right now, so I started doing it every day, but only lasted three days. That isn’t really a bad thing, because I think it’s the kind of tool that works every time you do it, that’s powerful whether you do it once or every day.

Anyway, Jon the spin teacher—not to be reductive, I’m sure he’s so much more!—but Jon talked about gratitude today and how at the Thanksgiving table everyone goes around and mentions the things for which they are grateful.

The two strong legs that took us to class today.

The two working ears that allow us to hear his beats.

A heart growing stronger by the work we’re doing right now.

At one point, he looked out the window and goes, “See that truck going by? I got run over by a truck like that.” He told us about how the guy drove right into him without signaling and how his body was run over by four wheels and the medics told him he probably wouldn’t walk normally again, but they were wrong. “I’m grateful for that,” he said.

My favorite part was when Jon talked about kids and the kind of things they mention when it’s their turn at the table. So basic, so simple, so true. “I am thankful for my dog Fluffy. I’m thankful for my blue shoes. I’m thankful for my parents. I’m thankful for this piece of bread.”

I wonder what Aidan is thankful for. His cats Jack and Maggie. His blue shoes. His parents. A piece of bread. Ice cream. His four adoring grandparents and Auntie Ka-ty and Uncle Wees.

Depending on when you ask him, he might say, “Special treats” or “my baa’s” (his sheep) or “my guitar” or “cars” or “mommy milk” (to shock you) or “soccer ball and goo-goo” (his dragon mittens).

What will he say tomorrow night? What will I say? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Aidan is grateful for music

I am grateful for my beautiful son