I wrote this days ago…a week ago? More than that? I forgot to post it. Not surprising…Here goes.

I just had a massage! And before that, I sat in a coffee shop on Newbury Street (Boston’s chichiest) and began writing a new article. And before that, I had breakfast with a girlfriend at de-luscious Sofra. And later, after I pick up boo from preschool, I’m going to drop him off at home, the babysitter will arrive moments later, and I will meet my husband for a movie.

This is the kind of day I dream about. This is the kind of day loads of people live on a regular basis. But I’m not usually one of them.

It’s coincidental really. I’ve had this gift card for a massage sitting around for months and thought it was about time. I happened to have this pain in my back and thought, Wow, I could really use that massage. My friend Alberta happened to ask me out for breakfast and today was the only day we could both do it. Harlan and I really wanted to see The Social Network, especially because he shot part of it! Apparently, he’s not in the credits (shame on you, Fincher), but he was the DP for the crew scenes they shot on the Charles River, and we happened to have a babysitter tonight and thought, God, if she came a couple of hours early we could go see a movie… Well, the point is that all this wonderful stuff ended up happening on the same day, and it makes me seem like some kind of lady of leisure!

Au contraire!

I’d like to think of this day as a launchpad to a new, more productive life. My new life as a working mother. With Aidan in school three days a week, it’s time for me to get a job! It’s time for me to pull the myriad writing projects on back burners up to the front of the stove! It’s time to get a life!

So, today is my last day of leisure before I begin working on the important stuff. Not that getting my feet rubbed is unimportant. Or indulging in donuts and latte at a popular cafe I’ve been meaning to try. Or catching a movie in the middle of the afternoon!

Oh shit…I have an hour an fifteen minutes before I have to pick up Aidan. I’m taking a nap.