I had a big thought this weekend:
Morning pages.

Remember The Artist’s Way? Did it back in the 90s when I was young and creatively seeking in New York City. Changed my life, cleared my head, turned me into a writer…or at least helped. One of the practices the book advocates is waking up in the morning and first thing, before coffee, before email, before having a concrete thought, writing three pages. The idea is you clear your mind of the clutter and make space for creativity to flood you, for the real work to come. It really worked for me. Whether I wrote three pages of crap or brilliance, the process did its desired work and I started writing regularly and eventually professionally.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I can’t do morning pages first thing in the morning these days. Aidan wakes me up with singing or sweet calls for Mama at 6am and I’m not planning to set the alarm for 5:30 to clear the muck out of my brain. Afterward, there’s the diaper change, breakfast, reading books, taking our vitamins, playing on the living room floor…but I sort of thought after all that, couldn’t I take a few minutes, maybe twenty, to write? Just make it a habit? I mean, I check email every morning…why not push that back or do it really quickly and get a few thoughts down? So, it won’t be strict Morning Pages, but it could be modified-for-mommy morning pages!

This morning so far has been a bit of a failed experiment. It’s 8:36. Aidan actually gave me about 30 minutes’ peace in the kitchen with my computer, but I spent too long on email and even—horrors—checked facebook, the ultimate time suck. And so by the time I started this, he was at my feet with a box full of Lego’s and then it was “Read! Read!” and getting pulled into the living room by the hand. Now I’ve escaped into the den, but I’m feeling guilty, because I told him I was just going to take a quick shower so we could get ready to go to the playground.

Word count: 307.
Maybe for Day 1, it will just have to be good enough.