I’ve got a ton of old emails that I store in my inbox because they make me feel good. Someone telling me I’m a nice person or a good mom or a smokin’ hot babe. They make me feel good, so I keep them around, ready to dip into if I need a boost. These days the doldrums are never too far off. I’m tired and overwhelmed and packing up my life and duking it out with a one-year-old and moving to Boston. So every little bit helps.

It’s time to dump ’em all in one place and start deleting from the inbox. Here are some of the words—about boo, Boston, motherhood, life in general—that have made me laugh or smile, brought tears to my eyes, revved me up or calmed me the fuck down.

You have a butter-cup, joy monkey!!!!  He is sooo sweet!!! I cannot wait to meet him (and cannot believe I haven’t?!?!) Enjoy love-monkey-mommie!
-LJ, upon watching a video of Aidan

I was thinking after we left how wonderful, fortuitous, important, special etc, it is that you got to be a mom–you really seem made for it. It’s so beautiful to see someone just reveling in and loving being a mom.

So so sweet. He is a kick-ass crawler. I love how he has so mastered the crawling its like he is inhaling the floor. He has such a beautiful smile. Pure joy.
-Debbie, upon seeing a video of boo crawling

You’re an excellent writer Andrea. And your script is going to be great. Baci.
-Chris, upon finishing my first draft of Audrey Rose

I love you and like I said, what I think is that right now we have to do whatever we have to do to stay afloat. The economy is bad and it’s not going to get better any time soon. If Harlan gets the job in Boston GREAT, think of all the crabcakes you’ll eat! If you decide to move in w/ mom and dad think of the fun Aidan will have and what special time for your mom and dad to be so close and such a part of his life. If you have to move back to NYC remember how much you loved living there and how nice it would be to be close to Katya again. “They” say now that everyone needs a plan B – so figure out what that is. Nothing’s forever but just a small part of the adventure.

We moved from CA to FL last year due to a job relocation. Everything happened in about 2 1/2 months. The best advice we received was to treat the move like a vacation/adventure and do everything there is to do. We miss CA, our friends and family daily and FL still does not exactly feel like home, but our son is having a really wonderful time. We are trying to make it positive for him so he won’t see moving as a negative experience. Don’t get me wrong, I am usually not an optimist and it has been hard -but as long as my husband, son and I are together – that’s all that matters.

I think Harlan is making the best move—really. And I think he should take it and not waiver for a second when he goes there on Monday—he should go in all guns blazing to get it. And I also think this is BETTER for his career and here’s why.
1. Closer to NYC where he seems to get more work and his sensibility is.
2. Smaller market in New England–he’s a bigger fish.
3. Teaching is a PART TIME JOB–you guys can come home and stay with your parents for THE WHOLE SUMMER and BREAKS. You can live bi-coastally–this is everyone else’s dream!!!
4. At Emerson as the Cinematography professor he will network, meet more people with money or who want to make pictures–he’ll be put immediately into a milieu that will help his career. People will ask him to do projects, people will want to use him, people will come to him with projects–he can maybe even start making his own projects because he’ll be able to network at fundraisers, cocktail parties–school functions–you name it and people in Boston will give him cash.
I know these things are true.
AND you guys can come to Maine to see us. So, selfishly, it’s good for me, too.
BUT don’t see this as forever. See it as something that REALLY I think will be great for both of you. I really really do believe you both will flourish there in a way it’s hard to do in LA. Read Jhumpa Lahiri–all her books are set in Boston.

…..and we’ll miss you and your bright light that you share we all of us.

I hate them.  Let’s live in Vermont, I’ll commute…You and Boo can raise lamas.
-Harlan, when I was bitching about real estate brokers in Boston

Congrats on the new move! It seems like everyone is moving to Beantown…another friend from NY is moving this month…Curious if it is the new NY…

I don’t know what to say. No words of solace here! It is a huge move, and no, not all change is good or anyway it is not all welcome. You WILL be happy. I know that much. And you have your beautiful baby and a great man that you love. I guess it’s just one of those times where you just have to count your blessings. I think this is what was known in old times as: Real Life. Or just plain “life.” I feel like you are heading with your man and baby in a covered wagon, for the frontier. Who knows if she is going to make it, but god knows they have no choice but to try…! Of course in this day and age, we do all generally make it. I can’t wait to hear where your life/head is in a year.

Ok. Kid cute. Hubby cute. Blah blah.
Mama. Wow. You are smokin.

Think I’ll keep that last one in the inbox.

The shot that inspired the gush

The shot that inspired the gush