This is in fact not just a self-indulgent mommy blog, but also a self-indulgent writer blog! So, I can’t believe I’ve completely failed to mention the fact that I finally turned in Audrey Rose, the supernatural thriller I’ve been writing for MGM for the last two years and some. I actually turned it in several weeks ago and it felt so fucking awesome I wanted to sleep for a week and then proceeded to forget to mention it to anyone but Harlan, who was still in NY and sent me flowers with a note telling me I was a rockstar. Then my producer-friend that I turned it in to took weeks getting her notes to me, I took a few more days addressing her notes, and then yesterday I turned it in for real. And at that point—between packing boxes and living the emotional upheaval of one after another going-away party—I couldn’t muster the energy to get excited about it. It’s done. Woohoo. Now let’s get back to packing boxes and trying to convince Aidan not to bite me.