It’s rough getting my kid to eat anything. Okay, not fair…he loves yogurt, avocados, bananas and turkey chili (but not too many days in a row). I try to be zen about it, act like I don’t care, but my feelings get hurt when he spits out my mashed potatoes. I worry about his health when he goes weeks without any vegetables besides avocados.

So, yesterday I made him a smoothie. I know he loves yogurt and banana, so I thought I had a chance. Added Whole Foods frozen berries and tossed it all into the blender. He loved it. Looked friggin’ cute with purple mustache, beard and ring on his forehead, too, from sticking his whole face in the cup. I went for it again this morning and he only wanted a couple sips. Hmmm.

Aidan likes variety. I can’t blame him. So today I sought recipes for healthy smoothies online and I came up with the big nada. One site wanted to sell me a book of green smoothie recipes, another some supposedly healthy powder that looks like it’s usually sold on late night TV. All the other recipes called for sugar or artificial sweeteners. You kidding me? I may be a hippie mama, but I don’t know anyone who needs sugar in their smoothie. I just want to sneak some vitamins in there beyond the berries, find out which green veggies blend well, which will go down easier than mashed potatoes. My friend Nicole told me she throws in some Romaine. She swears frozen spinach gets mushy and gross. What else? I’m on a mission.

smoothie face