Today, at 14 and a half months, Aidan took his first steps by himself! I was on my computer and would have missed it if I hadn’t looked up for a second. He was on the rug in the living room playing with his ball and he took three steps toward it, then went down to his knees. I said, “You walked! Aidan, you walked,” and he grinned at me as he walked toward me on his knees. Then a minute later I picked him up and took him into the kitchen to get a rice cake (he’d been bugging me for milk and I thought maybe he needed a snack). I put him down. He was holding onto the rice cake with one hand and my hand with the other. I slowly pulled my hand away and he took another four steps, then went down to his knees. So sweet! He’s doing it! He’s daring it! Cautiously, not all at once, but he’s going for it. As much as I’ve tried to be patient and let him take as much time as he needs, it was truly a thrill to see him walk! And he seemed to be as thrilled as I was. How sad that it’s on the exact day that his dad left for New York to shoot a commercial. He hadn’t even landed yet and there was boo, walking. Guess he’ll get good at it by the time Harlan gets home and will be able to show off for him.