car-napI am doing one of the stranger things I’ve ever done right now. Sitting in the parked car in a suburban neighborhood of the Palisades where there are literally no other cars on the street (they are presumably tucked away in their tidy little garages) because we were on our way to Will Rogers to take a hike and boo fell asleep. He barely napped this morning and we’re not sure if he’ll nap this afternoon cause I’m taking him to a baby shower at my mom’s house, so I felt it was wrong to wake him up. Actually I always feel it’s wrong to wake him up, have skipped classes, play dates, etc. because he fell asleep in the car and I just turned around, went home, parked in front of our house and let him sleep. Instead of driving into the park where you pay $8 to sit in their parking lot, we chose this quiet suburban street and here we are. Harlan’s napping, too, he has the capacity to nap anywhere, whereas I pretty much have to be tucked into a bed with a nice, firm mattress and a down comforter to get any sleep at all. So, my boys sleep and I grabbed Harlan’s computer. Just hope it has enough juice to keep me writing until everyone wakes up. My life sure has changed. Bezitted teenager in an SUV just drove by, didn’t even look our way, he was too busy texting while he was driving. Alright, now I’m going to do what I sent out to do: work on the Cliffs Notes version of my book proposal that I was hoping to finish and send to Carolynn yesterday. PS. Boo is snoring.